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           Watch Collectors & Sellers Are Joining Luxury Watch Exchange To Auction, Buy, Sell & Trade All Wristwatches & Luxury Items!

ALL Private Sellers and Dealers Will Benefit From Our No Fees & Charges Completely FREE Policy!

Luxury Watch Exchange (LWE) is the premier free online auction site offering collectors worldwide a central FREE marketplace to auction or buy and sell their watches, wristwatches, pocket watches, timepieces, parts & accessories plus art, sports, jewelry, diamonds & ALL luxury items at no cost!   No final value fess on auctions or sales either.

Sellers must provide complete info before they begin posting. Authorized Dealer claims with be verified!  Then should include their 'Public Profile' info within their 'My Account'and include complete contact info for potential buyers!

Multi item vendors using a FREE store (Limited Quantity Available)! 

Those desiring a clickable link from LWE to them must provide a direct main page link-back to LWE!

Luxury Watch Exchange  POB 415  Sun Valley, CA 91353-0415


Phone: 818-399.0160


July, 2015

Here's an article for EDU & GOV plus high PR & MOZ ranked sites...

 LuxuryWatchExchange's Website Is The Best In The World - FREE!

Check us out... http:www./ is absolutely
FREE!  Buy, Sell, Exchange, Trade & Auction ALL wristwatches,
watches, pocket watches, timepieces & any related to this Jewelry
niche.  We also allow Jewelry, Sports Items & ALL Luxury Items.

That's right, their are no charges to post ads, up to 6 photos, having
a premium photo listing, you can use PayPal, no final fees as it's all
no charge.  Other website costs to post can be from hundred to many
thousands for luxury sales!

That's why we have the most 1st page search engine listings worldwide
and in the USA, which is our home country.

Free is the best situation over paying for posting ads, paying
additionally for photos plus final value fees & other costs.

We also have a limited amount of free storefronts too that are very
reasonable to rent.

We have a current exclusion for items that are selling for less
than $200.  This eliminates tens of thousands of unnecessary
items.  Current items listed range from $200 to over several
hundred thousand dollars each in value. 

Check out LWE's thousands of Rolex ads, hundreds of Patek Philippe
listings plus all other major watch brands.  Please know that any
buying ads must be specific for only 1 item.  We do not allow
general shotgun type ads.

All LWE members registered for posting have access to the new
Forum.  We also have several news items & other info at the
bottom of our main signin page.  Please submit news links on
any topical items

How do we make $$$!  Please review our 4 extremely effective
methods of enhancing internet websites or actual physical stores
& brands growth & prosperity.  Everything is limited too for the
convenience of our no abuse policy for LWE's  users.  Following is
current monthly pricing...

Watch Text Ad - O
nly 1 link available on LWE.  This link can be
to any single URL within our product niche.  URL can be changed
10 times monthly as requested when items sell or advertiser
desires.   Cost is $1,350 monthly. The current watch is getting
over 1,000 direct hits monthly.  Similar PPC would be many times
our cost for the niche!  This link is best for direct product sales.
It is a terrific method of selling close-out merchandise or really
excellent low priced & extremely competitive major watches!
Quick cash without expending many thousands traveling, paying
the huge fees, setting up & attending events.  Recently, hotels
for attendees to events have not tried an exclusive niche ad for
those attending niche shows.  Our niche along has many dozens
of shows annually.

Banners (static only) - Severely Limited to just several appearing
with each main page hit. 
468 x 60 banner on the main page. 
Cost is $950 monthly or discounts for longer terms.  We can trade
too for wristwatches.  This link is best for branding of your
website & direct product.

ClickLinks (static only - Limited to a few dozen appearing to utilize
all main page hits & clicks are sent directly to your website's URL
main page.  They are like a mini-banner, 116 x 48 direct to your
website for $350 monthly or longer term discount.  Wristwatch
trades are welcome.

HotDeal Links - Limited to several dozen appearing  with each
main page hit & normally sent directly to a specific HotDeal special
watch or niche item, jewelry. sports or luxury items. 
HotDeal Links
are $60 each for 60 day plus if sold new items can be sold thru the
remaining credit.

All LWE members registered for posting have access to the Forum.
We also have several news items & other info at the bottom of our
main signin page.  Please submit news links on any topical

What's this means is that LWE will probably achieve in excess of
over 8 figure hits this year & every Banner, ClickLink &  HotDeal
can be viewed on our main page.  We do not hid any traffic on
secondary or lesser pages like Sponsors, Advertisers or ???  Our
traffic levels are growing too & so are our advertising values & fair
pricing!  NO hyperbole nor hokum here!

LWE's total listings on Google, Bing & Yahoo within the USA are
near 225.  Page 1 listings of keywords is about 165.  Worldwide
these three search engine are more than triple.  Coupled with the
hundreds of other worldwide search engines we enjoy thousands
of page one rankings!

Please check us out ASAP!

Please assist us too with a link from your website.  We would
also appreciate your referral for listing within governmental and
educational indexes & directories!  Thanks!

Have an excellent, relaxing summer.















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